Sweet or savoury? Sweet, sweet and more sweet

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

Signature dish? Chicken stuffed with Philadelphia cheese, wrapped in parma ham and served with sweet potato fries

Favourite holiday destination? New York

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Australia

Favourite actor? Jack O’Connell

Favourite theatre? Royal Court, Upstairs

Favourite play? Yen by Anna Jordan

Best play you’ve seen this year? The Brothers Size at the Young Vic

Favourite film? Drop Dead Fred or The Girl Next Door

If you were a biscuit what biscuit would you be and why? Custard Cream

What’s your fondest memory of Edinburgh 2016? Speaking to the audience who were truly moved by the story, after each performance. When you’re in a rehearsal room you forget the potential impact a show can have on audience and it was a beautiful experience to share something meaningful with them.